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Many of us enjoyed spending time in the sun in our younger years. We spent time at the beach, time playing sports, and time outside with our families. At times we either forget to apply sun block or we incurred sun damage despite wearing SPF. As the years have gone by, our skin has started showing the signs of this sun damage. As anyone who has done any research on the topic of skin pigmentation knows, pigmentation issues are difficult to treat on our own. Over-the-counter treatments are available, but these are not medical grade and can only help so much. To correct sun damage, professional help is needed. We recommend considering IPL treatments. These treatments are performed in the comfort of our office.

So, what exactly is IPL treatment? IPL is an abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light. The treatment can also be referred to as a photofacial or as photorejuvenation. These treatments have been shown to be effective when it comes to their ability to improve sun damage.

IPL targets melanin in the brown spots. The pigment is broken into very small particles. These particles darken and rise to the surface of your skin. They will either flake off or get flushed away by your lymphatic system. In the weeks following your treatment session, the skin irregularities fade from view.

In addition to addressing pigmentation issues, IPL can have an effect on dilated capillaries and even rosacea. One of the nice things about IPL is that there is minimal downtime involved. As such, the treatments are convenient, even with a busy schedule. Many people see results after their first treatment at our office. However, we recommend a series of treatments in order to get the desired results.

If you are tired of seeing signs of sun damage on your skin, make an appointment at VITAHL Medical Aesthetics to see how IPL treatment can work for you. Contact us today at 312-634-6100 to book a consultation at our office in Chicago.