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Stereotypically acne plagues teens, but did you know that anyone at any age can suffer from this upsetting skin ailment? While the occasional pimple is frustrating, ongoing acne can be the source of low self-esteem, poor body image and social isolation. Starting October 2022, VITAHL Medical Aesthetics proudly offers AviClear, the only FDA cleared laser that treats mild to severe acne by targeting the source.  

Zap Those Zits!

Boasting no downtime, AviClear is safe for all skin types.  The laser technology selectively targets the oil, or sebatious, glands in the skin. It’s those oil glands that clog pores and trigger acne development. AviClear’s unique wavelength treats acne at the source, suppress the oil production of the sebaceous gland and eliminates the need for prescription medicine.

During a scheduled appointment, VITAHL Medical Aesthetics will analyze the skin before treatment. If recommended, VITAHL will perform a minimum series of three, 30-40 minute sessions.  Sessions will be scheduled two to four weeks apart. The expected results within three months include shorter breakouts that are less intense and more infrequent.  Acne will continue to clear and improve over time.  

Like other laser treatments, patients can expect a quick and mild “zapping” feeling. The laser’s cooling feature balances out the slight heat and offers a pleasant experience.

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Buh-Bye Bad Blemishes!

AviClear is a welcome alternative to Accutane, an oral medicine that treats severe cystic and nodular acne.  Introduced in the early 1980s, physicians reluctantly prescribe it to acne sufferers because of the possibility of side effects.  While known to clear skin, the medicine’s side effects are harsh and can include a rash, hair thinning, depression, joint/muscle pain, miscarriage, birth defects and more.  

Other acne treatments like chemical peels, facials and topical creams only provide temporary improvement, while AviClear offers long-term results.  Other treatments should be avoided and fully discontinued for six months before starting AviClear.  

Once AviClear treatments are completed, patients should care for their clearer skin with a clean skincare regimen.