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Our natural expressions in response to our world – smiling, laughing and even scowling – leave an indelible mark on our appearance over time. The muscles used to make these faces also lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles around the upper face and eyes. What is first only visible when expressions are made can become permanent features that affect our appearance and often make us look older than we feel inside.

The good news is you don’t have to merely accept those lines as a natural part of the aging process. One safe and effective way to treat these symptoms is with Botox® Cosmetic, an injectable procedure that allows you to turn back the clock without invasive surgical procedures or a lengthy recovery. VITAHL Chicago offers Botox® Cosmetic treatments to help you visibly reduce signs of aging and enjoy a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

What is Botox®?

Botox® Cosmetic is a minimally-invasive aesthetic treatment created from injectable doses of highly purified botulinum, which is a neuromodulator. The neuromodulator works by preventing chemical signals from reaching the nerves in facial muscles that would typically cause these muscles to contract. Since the presence of Botox® in the muscle tissue helps to reduce muscle contractions temporarily, we can create a visible smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles without compromising your ability to make natural facial expressions.

Botox® in its prescription form has been safely used for decades in a variety of cosmetic and medical treatments. The medication was first used to reduce painful symptoms of a neck condition known as cervical dystonia. It has also been used to treat blepharospasm or uncontrollable eye twitching. As the benefits of Botox® have become more widely known, the medication is also used today to treat challenging conditions like chronic migraines, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and some types of urinary incontinence. As a cosmetic treatment, Botox® is known for addressing some types of wrinkles, providing anti-aging benefits in a quick, relatively comfortable treatment session.

Dynamic vs. Static Wrinkles

While Botox® is highly effective in reducing some types of wrinkles, it is not the right choice for all of them. To understand how to use Botox® to its fullest advantage, you must know the difference between static and dynamic wrinkles. The lines differ both in where they appear on the face and how they form:

Static Wrinkles

These lines and creases usually develop on the lower portion of the face, around the nose and mouth. They occur because collagen and elastin, two essential proteins that help support the dermal structure, begin to decline as we age. As collagen and elastin are depleted, our skin loses its youthful volume as well as the underlying support that creates the smooth, supple appearance of our youth. The loss of these proteins allows for creases to form, which can become quite severe over time. Botox® does not work on static wrinkles since they are not caused by muscle activity. However, dermal fillers are another injectable treatment that is effective in minimizing static lines and rejuvenating the appearance of your lower face.

Dynamic Wrinkles

These wrinkles are typically the byproduct of our facial expressions and occur on the forehead and around the eyes. At first, the lines are only visible when you smile or frown. However, the repeated expression, coupled with some collagen and elastin loss in the area, can take those lines from temporary to permanent. In addition to adding years to your appearance, wrinkles that form across the forehead and between the eyebrows (frown lines), can make you look perpetually tired or angry. Subtle lines also develop in the outer corners of the eyes, which can become a concern1`. Due to the delicate skin around the eyes, some people begin to notice crow’s feet as early as their 30s or even their late 20s in some cases.

What Symptoms and Treatment Areas can Botox® Improve?

The most popular uses for Botox® include the following:

  • Eliminating horizontal lines on the forehead, which are sometimes referred to as worry lines
  • Vertical creases in between the eyebrows (known as frown lines or the 11s)
  • Horizontal lines at the top of the nasal bridge (also called bunny lines)
  • Lines fanning out from the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Early signs of drooping along the brow line
  • Raised upper lip (known as a gummy lip)

If your concerns lie outside of these treatment areas, or if your aging signs are too severe for Botox® to treat, we can discuss treatments instead of or in addition to Botox® injections that will produce optimal results for you.

What are the Benefits of Botox® Treatments?

Botox® has numerous benefits for individuals that have early onset signs of facial aging they would like to reduce. One of the most significant advantages of Botox® is that it is a nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure, making it ideal for those who have milder aging symptoms or who wish to avoid or postpone more invasive surgical procedures. Your Botox® provider can personalize your level of treatment, so you receive just the right amount of medication to achieve the rejuvenation you want. Additional benefits of Botox® include:

  • Quick treatment sessions for busy schedules
  • Minimal downtime and no lengthy recovery period
  • Results that look natural and more youthful
  • Treats a variety of areas in the upper face
  • Ability to customize treatment to the specific needs and goals of each patient
  • Decades of use demonstrate the product’s safety and efficacy

One recent discovery is that Botox® doesn’t just treat wrinkles that have already become problematic. The formulation can be used in the earliest stages of the aging process to eliminate preliminary aging symptoms or even slow their occurrence. Some early studies have found that patients that begin their Botox® treatments at a younger age will not only stop lines that have started to develop, but they can also prolong a youthful appearance for many years. In addition, patients that receive regular Botox® treatments can extend the time between treatments over time in many cases. Experts believe the medication may “train” the muscles with regular use so that the lines will not develop as early or will gradually stop forming as quickly for those that have already seen the aging effects.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Botox®?

Because Botox® treatments do not involve anesthesia or incisions like surgical cosmetic treatments, the side effects associated with this procedure are minimal. Some side effects might include tenderness, swelling, bruising, headaches and localized pain or discomfort at the injection sites. Most side effects will subside with a few days and some even improve within a matter of hours after the procedure.

Am I a Candidate for Botox®?

Botox® is an option for men and women who are in relatively good health, have no contraindicating medical conditions and are looking for an alternative to surgery or other more invasive forms of facial rejuvenation. This treatment works equally well for every skin type and tone. Contraindications for Botox® treatments include peripheral nerve disorder, Lou Gehrig’s disease, myasthenia gravis (an autoimmune disorder) and a history of difficulty breathing or swallowing. Botox® does not offer permanent results, so you will need to commit to regular appointments to maintain your positive results over the long term. To see if Botox® or another facial rejuvenation procedure is the right option to achieve your aesthetic goals, contact VITAHL Medical Aesthetic to set up a complimentary consultation today.

What Will Happen During My Botox® Treatment?

You will not need to take any particular steps to prepare for your Botox® treatment. Once you have arrived at our office for your treatment, we will show you to a procedure room, make sure you are comfortable and begin cleansing the treatment areas in preparation for your injections. If you have particularly sensitive skin or the injections will be placed in a delicate location, we can administer a topical anesthetic before your procedure. However, the majority of our patients do not require this step to have a comfortable and positive treatment experience.

Once we have prepared your injections sites, we will use a tiny needle to deliver precise amounts of the neuromodulator directly to the muscles in your areas of concern. The number of injections you receive will depend on the number of areas you want to be treated, the severity of your symptoms and the amount of rejuvenation you wish to achieve. Rest assured the size of the needle ensures a comfortable process, regardless of the number of injections you have during your session.

There is no need for a recovery after Botox® injections, so you will be able to resume your daily activity right away. You may experience some slight bruising or swelling at the injection sites, but makeup should easily cover these side effects, so it won’t be obvious you just had a cosmetic procedure performed. These issues will also likely resolve within a few hours after your appointment. You also won’t have to worry about following any special instructions after your treatment, which makes it easy to get back to work or other activities immediately.

How Long Before I Notice Results?

Most of our patients notice their results within 24 to 48 hours of their treatment. However, these initial changes will continue to improve for an additional two weeks and as long as one month, as the medication spreads through the treatment area and continues to work to relax the targeted muscles. In clinical trials, 90 percent of men and women saw continuous improvement in their appearance one month after their Botox® injections. Wrinkles will become noticeably reduced, and you will sport a refreshed and more youthful look. At the same time, you will be able to make natural facial expressions, so no one will know you had a Botox® treatment unless you choose to tell them. We typically recommend patients plan about two weeks to one month in advance of an event or vacation to ensure they look their best for the occasion.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Results from a single Botox® treatment can last up to four months, but results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may require more than one procedure at first to get the level of correction they want, depending on the severity of their wrinkles. If you discontinue your Botox® treatments, your fine lines and wrinkles will gradually return to their pre-treated state, so periodic Botox® treatments will be necessary to maintain your results. Some patients may find that with a regular treatment schedule, they can stretch out the time between procedures without sacrificing results. We can schedule follow-up appointments as your need arises and we do offer packages to make your Botox® process more affordable.

Why VITAHL Chicago?

The VITAHL Medical Aesthetics Chicago office has been ranked in the top 500 out of 35,000 accounts with Allergan, and we are considered one of the “Best Chicago Botox®” offices. Medical director and owner, Dr. Tahl N. Humes, trains physicians and their teams across the nation in advanced Botox® injection procedures and has performed thousands of aesthetic procedures using both injectable formulations and laser devices. He and his staff have the expertise and experience necessary to provide you with positive treatment experience and an optimal outcome.

Call VITAHL Medical Aesthetics Chicago today at 312-634-6100 to discuss how a Botox® Cosmetic treatment can help relieve your early aging symptoms and quickly regain a healthy and youthful appearance. VITAHL Medical Aesthetics Chicago has helped thousands of patients just like you look and feel their best, and we are equipped to help you bring all your aesthetic goals to life.