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Are you self-conscious about your short or sparse eyelashes? Are you tired of having to apply mascara day after day? At VITAHL Chicago, we offer Latisse to our patients interested in thicker, longer lashes. Whether your goal is to improve your self-confidence and facial aesthetics, or even just to save time in the morning with a pared-down makeup routine, Dr. Tahl N. Humes and our cosmetic medicine experts will work with you on a personal basis to address your aesthetic concerns using the latest in nonsurgical treatments.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription medication that increases eyelash growth. The active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, was first used in medicated eye drops to treat glaucoma under the name Lumigan. When Lumigan users began reporting increased eyelash growth as a consistent side effect, bimatoprost’s use as a hair growth agent was discovered.

Latisse is a liquid-based medication that is to. be applied once daily to the upper eyelashes. With regular use, Latisse has been shown to both produce longer, stronger lashes and improve eyelash sparsity in adult individuals of all ages.

How Does Latisse Work?

Hair grows in a cycle consisting of four stages: the growing phase, regression phase, resting phase and shedding phase. Every strand of hair passes through this four-stage cycle which lasts for an average of a few months for eyelashes. While how bimatoprost affects eyelash growth exactly remains unclear, studies have shown that it positively impacts the growth, or anagen, phase, stimulating and prolonging it.

Eyelashes that have been treated with Latisse will grow for a longer period of time, resulting in longer lashes. Latisse also increases eyelash production to create more lashes and improve lash density. By both increasing the number of eyelashes present and lengthening the growth phase, Latisse results in noticeably fuller lashes.

How Do I Use Latisse?

Latisse is applied on a daily basis on each upper eyelid before bed. Any makeup or contact lenses need to be removed before using Latisse. Once you have washed your face thoroughly, you will apply a single drop of Latisse on the included applicators and brush it onto the upper eyelid along the base of the lashes. One applicator is used for each eye and you will need to avoid reusing applicators, as doing so may cause infections or allergic reactions.

Latisse is only to be applied to the upper eyelid and will automatically transfer to the lower eyelid through blinking. Make sure to carefully apply Latisse to only the targeted area as it can cause unwanted side effects in other areas.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Latisse?

Regular use of Latisse will provide you with noticeably thicker, longer lashes within two months, with final results evident in 16 weeks. Latisse also produces darker lashes and can mimic the effects of mascara without using makeup. Some patients may be able to switch to using Latisse every other day after three to four months of use.

What Are The Side Effects Of Latisse?

Latisse is a safe treatment but does have some minor side effects. Common side effects include eye redness, itchiness and dryness. Some patients may experience unwanted hair growth in areas around the eyes if Latisse was not applied carefully. Rarely, Latisse may also cause darkening of the eyelids, although this is a temporary issue and the discoloration will gradually fade after ceasing use. In extreme cases, some patients have reported darkened brown pigmentation in their irises.

Am I A Candidate for Latisse?

If you are unhappy with your eyelashes, are committed toward using medication on a daily basis, are not pregnant and have realistic expectations about results, then you are likely a good candidate for Latisse. Patients who are already using eye medications or have pre-existing conditions or allergies that may respond negatively to Latisse will be evaluated before treatment. Latisse is a prescription medication and our team will determine if you can safely use Latisse after an in-person consultation with one of our cosmetic medicine experts.

Latisse may also be used for patients who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy patients have shown promising results in eyelash regrowth when using Latisse. Latisse has also provided mixed results for treating patients with alopecia areata and may sometimes be used for those who suffer from this uncommon form of hair loss. If you have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia areata and are interested in regrowing your lashes, then let us know and we will determine if you are a good candidate for Latisse.

How Long Will My Results Last?

While Latisse produces a beneficial and positive impact on the growth and length of your lashes, its effects will gradually fade away if you stop using it regularly. In order to maintain results, you will need to continue to use Latisse on a daily basis. Some patients may be able to lower their frequency of use to every other day after three to four months of daily use, but results will diminish completely if the application of Latisse is stopped altogether. Otherwise, you can expect to enjoy fuller, darker lashes well into the future.

Why VITAHL Chicago?

If you are dissatisfied with your eyelashes and your research into how to lengthen lashes has hit a dead end, then Latisse may be the solution you need finally have darker, thicker, longer lashes. Your eyelashes may be subtle features on your face, but they play a pivotal role in your overall appearance. At VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, we want to help you feel more self-confident with Latisse treatments.

If you are interested in Latisse, then contact VITAHL Medical Aesthetics today at 312-634-6100 to schedule a complimentary consultation with a member of our expert team and learn more.