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People see your face first, and your face — more than any other part of your body — conveys a lot about you and helps determine how people see you. Unfortunately, our face can be one of the first features of our body to show the early signs of aging, and it can also be one of the most difficult places on our body for us to disguise these symptoms successfully. This makes treating the early signs of aging important for a number of reasons. However, you may have put off taking the next steps to address these concerns because you don’t want to have an invasive procedure, or you simply don’t have the time to take off your busy schedule to recover.

If you suffer from the early signs of facial aging — or you have unwanted facial features such as acne scarring or skin discoloration — you have many options to remedy these symptoms which provide rejuvenation and improvements to your skin and which are not invasive and or have lengthy recovery times. Let the facial and skin experts at VITAHL guide you through the many facial options you have to look great today. Today’s facials can hydrate, nourish and refresh your skin, and best of all, these treatments won’t feel like medical procedures. While you enjoy your facial treatment, you can relax, luxuriate and restore your spirit as well. No matter your skin type or facial concern, VITAHL has a facial treatment to address your specific needs.

Innovative Medical Facial

This 50-minute facial service combines the Fire & Ice Facial with facial extractions for a complete skin rejuvenation. This service uses iS Clinical skincare products to resurface the skin and effectively treat acne. We recommend our Innovative Medical Facial for patients with aging and acneic skin types.

Fire & Ice Facial

Also known in Hollywood as “The Red Carpet Facial,” the Fire & Ice Facial is well-known for its immediate brightening, smoothing and tightening effects. This intensive 30-minute facial helps resurface the skin, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and unclog blocked pores. During the facial, iS Clinical serums and creams with warming cinnamon and cooling peppermint fragrances will be applied in combination with two professional treatment masks. This facial can be used on patients of all skin types.

Fiszz Facial

Our version of a Spa Facial, this luxurious 50-minute facial is designed to brighten, smooth and purify your skin. First, a warming honey and papaya enzyme are used to cleanse your skin and stimulate your senses. Then, we will apply a mud masque made of citrus and rosemary to your skin to draw out any additional impurities. A citric acid resurfacing masque is applied next, which exfoliates and smooths the skin, and we will finish the service by applying a copper and botanical mist to help with collagen production. We use iS Clinical skin care products throughout this facial service to provide you with immediate and lasting results. We recommend this facial for patients of all skin types who are interested in a relaxing service that improves the overall quality of their skin.

2-In-1 Facial Peel

A combination of facial extractions and a chemical peel add-on, this 40-minute results-driven facial is designed to help you even out skin tone, clear up acne breakouts and smooth out rough or uneven skin texture.

2-In-1 Facial Microderm

This 40-minute service combines facial extractions with a Microdermabrasion add-on. We recommend this results-driven facial for patients who are interested in clearing up acne breakouts and smoothing rough skin texture.

Facial Add-Ons

We offer several add-on treatments for patients who are looking to upgrade their facial services for further benefits.

  • Glycolic Peel
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Dermaplane
  • Blu-U
  • Ultrasound Suffusion™

Why choose VITAHL Chicago for your facial treatment?

A front-runner among your many rejuvenation options today, a hand-selected facial treatment can offer you many benefits including luxurious relaxation, a worry-free treatment and immediate results. Best of all, since you have so many facial options to choose from, you can have a treatment that resolves the issues most important to you without having unnecessary treatment, and you can also have a facial that gives you deeper rejuvenation if you need it. These treatments make great stand-alone treatments or can combine with additional rejuvenation treatments for other concern areas. Whether you have just a facial or a suite of treatments, you can have a new and refreshed look right away.

Trust VITAHL to create personalized treatment plans which include facial treatments along with procedures designed to refresh all aspects of your body and help improve many of your most-pressing skin concerns. VITAHL’s staff of cosmetic physicians have more than 30 years of combined aesthetic medical experience and offer you the best accepted, effective and safe minimally-invasive treatments available. VITAHL puts patients first with personalized, high-quality care and results you will want to flaunt.

Call 312-634-6100 today to speak with Dr. Humes or another of VITAHL’s many qualified cosmetic experts about facial treatment options and comprehensive treatments to start your journey towards the look you have always wanted. Show your best face to the world today with VITAHL!