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Aging is a natural process that happens to everyone over the years. For some, it brings about dramatic changes. For others, the process may be gradual and subtle. However, nearly everyone is left with unwanted lines, wrinkles, spots and other changes. The good news is there are plenty of aesthetic and medical treatments today that can help you look and feel your best as you age. At VITAHL Medical Aesthetics in Chicago, we focus on helping you meet your cosmetic goals while also helping you look natural. Our treatments are safe and effective, and many of them are very quick with impressive results.

Some of the most visible signs of aging occur on the skin. This is mainly due to a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin within the skin as your body ages. Elastin is what gives your skin the resilience that you had during your younger years. It allows your skin to bounce back into place after your face stretches to smile. Collagen is the structure of our skin and keeps the skin looking youthful and plump. When collagen and elastin levels decrease, fine lines and wrinkles will begin to appear. Other changes that may occur include bags under the eyes, sagging skin around the lower cheeks and chin and age spots on the face and body. Additionally, you may find that your skin becomes drier, making it look dull.

Although you cannot stop the aging process, you can slow the progression of visible effects on your skin by using customized treatments at our office that target specific concerns at the source. At VITAHL, we provide numerous cosmetic treatments to decrease lines and wrinkles, fade age spots, sculpt and tone the skin, get rid of problematic fat underneath the chin and accomplish so much more.

Whether you are dealing with fine lines, hyperpigmentation or scarring, our team can find a treatment for you. We have many resources available for treating signs of aging. If your wrinkles form mainly when making facial expressions, BOTOX may be your best option. We also offer an array of dermal fillers that are designed to fill in deeper lines and wrinkles and restore lost facial volume. Finally, we combine these injectables with lasers for the most optimal outcomes.

If you are seeking anti-aging treatments in the Chicago area, set up a time to visit VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, where our team can help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Contact us today by calling 312-634-6100 and schedule a consultation at our office in Chicago.