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When you are young, you probably enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror. Your skin is vibrant, your face is full and you just radiate youthful vigor. However, as you get older, a lot of those positive things you once loved about your appearance start to disappear. Little by little, the aging process takes effect. Thankfully, advances in medicine let us slow down and sometimes even reverse the signs of the aging process. BOTOX® is one of the best ways to do it.

One of the interesting things about aging is that it happens so slowly that when you look at yourself from day to day in the mirror, it’s difficult to even tell that you’ve aged. It’s not unless something drastic happens, like a patch of gray hair or drastic facial volume loss, that you notice these changes from day-to-day.

We tend to see the biggest changes when we look at ourselves and compare it to the images that we took of ourselves a few years ago. That’s when we start to see the impact that aging has had on our appearance. One of the easiest things to notice is the development of wrinkles. These wrinkles might be on the side of your mouth, your forehead, or the side of your eyes.

When you see the change you’ve made over a ten-year period, you may want to rush out and get cosmetic surgery. And while there are some circumstances where cosmetic surgery may be the best option for helping you look your best, it does not necessarily need to be your first course of action when addressing wrinkles, especially if the wrinkles you have are dynamic wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles are the wrinkles that form on your face when you make a facial expression. So look at yourself in the mirror and smile. As you are smiling, do you see wrinkles along the sides of your eyes or around your mouth? Do these disappear when your face returns to a neutral expression? If so, you have dynamic wrinkles.

BOTOX® is an injectable that can remove the dynamic wrinkles associated with aging. BOTOX® works by relaxing the muscles that make facial expressions. As a result, your contracting muscles will not telegraph wrinkles into your skin. And for the time that BOTOX® is working, it gives your skin a chance to relax and erase some of the dynamic wrinkles that have formed in your skin over the years. You will still be able to make all the same expressions you always could; the only difference is that they won’t result in wrinkles.

The results from BOTOX® can typically be seen after 24-48 hours, and they generally last for up to four months. If you like the effect BOTOX® has on your skin, then you can simply come back to our office and get touch-up treatments.

BOTOX® is a powerful tool. It can help you minimize the appearance of wrinkles and get your skin looking its best again. Our experts are pleased to provide this treatment among our many aesthetic services at Vitahl Chicago, LLCContact our office in Chicago to set up your consultation!