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Scarring is the body’s natural way of healing a wound once our body has taken damage. For some people, the idea of scarring can strengthen resolve in the eyes of others. Others, however, may feel that scarring is holding back their aesthetic. If scarring is bothering you, VITAHL Chicago offers several treatment options that can help fade scarring for a translucent image!

VITAHL Chicago specializes in physician-regulated non-surgical aesthetics to help bring your beauty to light. Our medical staff’s highest priority is your safety and satisfaction on the road to achieving your aesthetic goals. Explore our treatment options and find out how we can glamorize your image! Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

How Does a Scar Form?

At some time or another, many if not most of us will succumb to an impactful injury. When a deeper layer of skin is wounded, your body will create additional collagen fibers–the main structural protein found in the skin– to heal you. While our body has the tools it needs to repair the wound as best it can, it may leave scar tissue in place of the wound. Scar tissue usually looks different in comparison to nearby skin and it’s possible it may feel different, as well. If the appearance of a scar is bothering you, consult with our staff to explore which of our treatment options may be right for you!

Here are Some Different Types of Scarring:

  • Hypertrophic scars look raised from the skin’s surface. This kind of scarring is usually a result of the body producing more collagen than what was needed to heal the wound.
  • Sunken scarring occurs when the body heals wounds that have destroyed structural support like muscle or fat.
  • Stretched scarring occurs when the skin is drastically expanded. Pregnancy and growth spurts are common causes of this form of scarring.

What Treatment Options Do We Offer to Treat Scarring?

  • Chemical Peels are a refreshing method to smoothen out the skin to help fade scarring!
  • Microneedling is a rejuvenating procedure that stimulates the skin’s healing process to help correct scarring!
  • Sublative Laser Treatments are the latest golden standard for skin repair!
  • Pearl Laser Treatments can help improve skin texture!
  • Pearl Fractional Laser is can help treat more severe, deeper scarring for a clearer aesthetic!

Scarring can be bothersome to look at. If the appearance of a scar is bothering you, contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out which of these exciting treatments can help beautify your skin!