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christopher rosenbarger

Christopher Rosenbarger’s revolutionary Anti-Aging techniques make him the most sought after clinician by Physicians, Patients, and Academics both in the United States and worldwide.

Trained in both Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology and a Clinical Research Trial administrator, Christopher brings a comprehensive, diverse, multi-specialty, patient centered approach to the science of aging naturally and gracefully.

A leader in his field and a leading expert in long term fillers, Christopher utilizes multidimensional solutions for aging throughout every decade of life.
Extensive Clinical experience and a lecturer on facial topography and genetic variants pioneered his authority in male facial rejuvenation, facial feminization/masculinization in transgender clients, and tissue restoration in HIV lipodystrophy patients.

Devoted to education, Christopher travels internationally lecturing, training Physicians, and even training other trainers on long term minimally invasive anti-aging techniques. His current endeavor is to develop a Center of Excellence where Aesthetic Experts from all over the United States can come to learn the artistry of natural facial and body rejuvenation.

  • Master Injector
  • International Trainer
  • Trainer to the Trainers for filler injectables
  • International Lecturer on Natural Treatment Modalities.
  • Clinical background in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology
  • Clinical Research Trial administrator for FDA Human trials
  • Leading authority on facial Topography and Lasting fillers
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Specialist